Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rich hutchings
portsmouth anarchist, occupy supporter.

Dominic smith

dominic smith, member of portsmouth socialists student union.
Adam bright
studying international development studies at portsmouth uni, works for amnesty international.

Matt gibbins

Matt gibbins, member of antifa.
describes nationalists as "vile creatures"

lives in fareham area and works at TGI fridays.

more info to follow shortly,

Mick skiggs

Mick skiggs, also known as Downtrodden peasant on facebook.
lives at 13 hunter road,southsea.

Eddie Donnelly, Anarchist

Eddie Donnelly.
Member of the Portsmouth anarchists who threatened to attack patriots at recent events.
Lives in gosport/fareham area.

Portsmouth Reds

Sam bogg, Ethics and environment officer at Portsmouth uni,  currently studying journalism and international relations. 
Known member of the SWP and UAF.

more info to follow.